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Spill Kits, know it all.!! Protecting the Environment.!!
Spill Kits, know it all.!! Protecting the Environment.!!

In your day to day operations do you transport, handle or store liquids? Are you prepared for a spill? Would you know where to find a spill kit in an emergency? People often comment  we don t need a spill kit  but the reality is that every workplace that transports, handles or stores liquids needs to have a spill kit. Whether you re a large manufacturer or a small one man workshop there is a spill kit to suit your needs.
 Nearly every industrial workshop will inevitably encounter leaks and spills of some kind. It doesn t matter whether your business is large or small; if you use or store fuels, oils, chemicals, hydraulic fluids,
 batteries, solvents and other similar liquids, you will require a Spill Kit to help prevent spills polluting waterways and land that leads to waterways.
 How to choose a correct Spill Kit is directly connected to the answers for the following 3 questions:
 What type of liquid/ (s) do you need to absorb?
 What s the largest capacity you need to absorb?
 How portable do you need the Spill Kit to be?
 Spill kits come in three main sizes 60L, 120L and 240L. The size of the spill kit that you need depends on the volume of liquids you are handling within a specific area. 240L spill kits are ideal for larger manufacturing plants that deal with greater volumes of liquids. 120L kits are a great option for smaller workshops or dedicated work areas within larger sites and 60L spill kits are useful to have on board when transporting liquids or containing any smaller spills that may occur. They are also a great option for small workshops that don t have a lot of storage.
 Spill Kits comprise of three different sorbent Types, General Purpose, Oil Only, and Chemical. General purpose sorbents are suitable for the clean-up of most liquids used in factories and workshops with the exception of highly aggressive chemicals. These are a good choice as an everyday sorbent when you might not know what liquid you will need to clean-up. Oil Only sorbents are unique as they have the ability to soak up hydrocarbons (oils) whilst repelling water. This makes these sorbents ideal for marine environments and/ or if you are trying to clean hydrocarbons in the rain. These sorbents are a great alternative to GP if you know you will only need to pick up oil. Lastly, Chemical sorbents, these are ideal for hazardous liquid clean-up in laboratories or workplaces with aggressive Chemicals. They can be used on a wide range of chemicals, including hydrofluoric acids.
 Atradings are the trusted source of spill control products in UAE. Mishaps such as chemical and oil spills occur in many industries and can threaten bodies of water and other natural resources. Such spills are particularly damaging not only to the environment, but also to the livelihood and safety of many individuals. That's where our products come in. We offer a complete line of spill kits, booms, absorbents and much more. Cost-effective, high quality, and backed with unparalleled service, they are spill response options we are proud to offer. As trusted spill solutions suppliers in UAE, all of our products undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure that they always perform at their best.
 Atradings  range of general purpose, oil and chemical spill kits are widely recognized as reliable in UAE and are safe, quick and easy to use. Our kits come in different sizes and with different specifications.Let us help you to choose the right kit for your needs. When you deal with Atradings you deal with someone who cares. Our aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction through our commitment to integrity, dedication and innovation. You speak to someone who knows what they are talking about eliminating the frustration of time wasted over the phone and email. As we specialize in environmental protection products and we offer highly competitive pricing, saving you money.
 Atradings will help you meet your environmental obligations with ease, ensuring that you are able to clean any and all potential spills occurring in your workplace. Act now and check out our range of spill kits to see how you can provide a workplace that s safe for your staff and the environment. At Atradings, we are working towards a cleaner environment and safer workplaces, and we can help you to reach for
 the same goals.


Quality On Time On Budget, ALWAYS! Our customer-centric focus drives us to deliver products and services that satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.

How to Select Your Spill Kit?
How to Select Your Spill Kit?

Spills and leaks are a nuisance, but they can range anywhere from a small inconvenience to your worst nightmare depending on where they occur and how much is involved. A small leak from a machine on your
 shop floor is manageable but what about a large chemical spill in a body of water or directly on permeable soil? The legal implications not only will have the potential to cost you a fortune, but could even cost you your business and even put you behind bars. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, we aim to be your partner of choice when it comes to spill response planning. Welcome to the world of spill solutions!
 With so many options available on the market, choosing the right spill solution for your needs can seem like rocket science. Despite the many choices out there, we strive to make life simple for our clients. That s why we ve put together this short explainer paragraph. The secret to selecting the appropriate solution for your requirements boils down to answering one key question: what liquids are you dealing with? Though answers to this question can vary greatly depending on the industry
 you are in, spill control solutions generally divide liquids into 3 types:
 for liquids that are oil-based
 for liquids that involve highly corrosive acids and solvents
 for water-based liquids
 Once you know what liquid you will be absorbing, the remaining details
 you will require to choose the appropriate spill solution for your
 needs are trivial: the volume of your worst-case scenario spill, whether
 a wheeled container is necessary or a compact bag will do, and what
 protective equipment you will require during the clean-up.